Automation Engineering & Virtualization Services

At Red Trident Inc, our automation engineering services go well beyond the traditional PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and DCS (Distributed Control System) design and installation.

We believe the future in Industrial Automation is in an environment where all infrastructure is virtualized where clients can access their desktop from any location, without being tied to a single device. This would allow for a more centralized, efficient system that is not only easier to maintain but also highly scalable and able to quickly adapt to the changing needs of users and businesses.

Virtualized enviroments offer extreme benefits over the traditional hardware based control system. A virtualized system allows clients to perform operations on a live production system has have never before been possible.

Benefits of Virtualization & Automation Engineering Services

  • Updating software to add functionality, increased security, or solve bugs
  • Testing new process code using live data to prove increased operational efficiency
  • Ingestion of external data source such as contract rates, economic modeling, company goals and objectives, equipment KPI’s, all to help increase the facility operational efficiency by decreasing operating cost and maximizing revenue
  • High availability and redundant controllers to ensure the ability of the system to continue functioning even after failure of one or more parts.
  • Easily expandable to quickly adapt to changing needs
  • Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) designed to protect personnel, equipment and the environment by minimizing the risk or severity of an operational problem. The systems we design are rated to a dependable SIL 3 rating based on the IEC 61508 standard.
  • Integration into a Cyber Security SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) to provide real-time analysis of security alerts for compliance purposes.
  • Automatic support of Management of Change (MoC) to help ensure that changes to a process do not inadvertently bring upon new hazards.
  • Support and creation of a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) so an organization knows what to do in the unlikely event of a disaster.

Red Trident also supports clients existing Automation System. Feel free to contact us with your problem and we will help you design a solution that meets your budget and design requirements.

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