My name is Damon Mathews.

I am the new Business Development Manager for Red Trident Inc. I am excited to join the team and wanted to introduce myself.
I recently retired after 29 years in the U.S. Military. Defending myself and protecting others began at a young age for me. I guess you can say I was born to be sheep dog. I was six years old when I was being bullied by one of the local roughens in our neighborhood. A menacing fifth grader, whom to this day I cannot remember his name, but our brief “Rittenhouse Rumble” has lasted a life time.

On that fateful afternoon, I was playing in the front yard of the house.

Back then, the drainage ditch was our local WWI trench/junkyard for Tonka trucks that could not stand up to the pressure of 80-pound 2nd graders. As the hooligan rode by on his bike, he cursed and yelled obscenities at me that I could only describe as drunken sailor rant. Such a verbal blow could not be tolerated by my older brother Marcus. “Don’t take that from him! Stand up for yourself or you will always be someone’s female dog!” At that time, I wasn’t even sure how that related to me, but I surely did not like the idea of being a girl dog for the rest of my life. So, I sauntered forth to avenge our family name.

Seconds seemed like minutes and minutes seemed like hours, but then it was over. Instead of the much-referred Rocky Balboa vs Clubber Lang battered and bruised faces of modern gladiator warriors, my face looked like I went 12 rounds with a rabid house cat…and lost.
But the bully never showed back up again, and my older brothers treated me like I just won defending my bantam weight title. The hooligan? He never came down our street again.

What does this have to do with cyber security? The principal still applies. Last week a hospital was cyber bullied into submission. Well “bullied” is a light term, in all actuality, Hancock Health was cyber hijacked after the hackers used third party vendor’s credentials to gain access to take over hospital’s email system, electronic health care records, and internal operating systems. Despite having backups available, the hospital paid the ransom. What happens when you cave to a bully? They come back for more. Instead of standing up to the cyber bully, they paid the ransom with 55k worth of bitcoin. Now, a week later, another hospital falls victim to another ransomware cyber hostage situation.

At Red Trident, we are prepared to handle situations like these. Our clients know they have some of the brightest and innovative security professionals defending and protecting their critical assets.

That is why I decided to hang my hat at Red Trident Inc. I have spent a lifetime with small specialized units from East Coast to the West Coast. My assignments took me far overseas, traveling to countries where time began and kingdoms crumbled.

When you work with some of the best the U.S. Military has to offer, you want to continue that work ethic. Securing critical infrastructure and preventing people and businesses from falling prey to cyber terrorists is why I chose Red Trident Inc. This team literally has some of the best of the best working on it. It is a team that I feel truly blessed to be a part of; a team I that I can call family and a family that can help me defend and protect others.