Industrial Network Architecture & Implementation

Red Trident provides services for businesses requiring implementation of industrial network architecture through a fault tolerant approach with dedicated channels, trusted zones, redundant links and much more.

Today’s marketplace is very different from the previous generation and it is constantly evolving. There is a heavy reliance upon the ability of people to communicate via computers to programmable logic controllers. Plus the need to have reliable and secure connections to things such as medical devices is at an all-time high.

Components of a Strong Industrial Network

  • A fault tolerant approach must be established so that these communication channels remain open yet secure even after the failure of components up to some extent
  • Dedicated communication channels for critical systems
  • Trusted zones for systems that potentially can pose a threat to human life (such as safety systems or medical devices)
  • Redundant links that auto sense paths of shortest distance
  • And Much More!

Red Trident For Your Industrial Network Architecture & Implementation Needs

Red Trident has a great deal of knowledge and proven experience with implementing a strong industrial network. Some of our clients include government and medical entities where they must have a strong and reliable network system. We’ve taken over many projects and corrected issues that other service providers had left behind. When it comes to businesses with critical systems that need to be reliable and secure, you can count on Red Trident Inc.

Another aspect that makes Red Trident Inc stand out from the rest is our commitment to ensuring an enhanced return to service to where monetary impact is low and / or safety is not degraded.

Let Red Trident Establish Your Industrial Network Architecture

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