RF Engineering Solutions & Services

Red Trident provides customized RF engineering solutions as well as in depth RF analysis on existing RF infrastructure. We are FCC licensed and experienced in both signal generation and signal transmission.

At Red Trident Inc, we believe in hands-on RF integration and debugging of RF circuitry using commercial lab test equipment such as spectrum analyzers, signal simulators, network analyzers, etc. By using these proven and repeatable processes we not only can find problems but also develop long term solutions.

Red Trident’s employees are truly experts in the field of radio frequency technology. We employ Federal Communication Commission (FCC) licensed individuals who have a minimum of 8 years experience providing RF engineering solutions.

RF Analysis Services

Pre-Existing RF Infrastructure

  • Blocking & Jamming Analysis
  • RF Circuit/System Simulations
  • Wattage Analysis for Effective Transmission
  • Signal Degradation on Line Loss or Antenna Mismatch
  • And Many Other Engineering Considerations
  • Troubleshoot
  • Repair or Coordinate Repairs
  • Perform Upgrades
  • Migrate Analog to Digital Architectures
  • Perform Frequency Spectrum Analysis & Management
  • And Many Other Upper Level RF Engineering Services!

The Process of Creating RF Engineering Solutions

First Step

We schedule a meeting with you to discuss and understand your business goals and objectives

Second Step

We come up with an engineered RF solution that meets your goal while being as secure as possible given the variables associated with the engineered solution.

We are ready for your long or short haul RF needs. Please Contact Us today and we can start developing the right solution for your situation.